Marcel Zelmanovitch has this poem from Mallarmé in mind when he opened the Galerie Diurne in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in 1982.
It is a celebration of the now and present. What remains a possibility thanks to passion and energy. That’s how he was defining his project when it started: to bring back to the light a great craftsmanship, threaten in the 80’s by mass-production, through the manufacturing of one-of-a-kind objects.
Each rug is a unique masterpiece, a revival, each project is an opportunity for an original creation, a new desire brought by “the virgin, bright, and beautiful to-day”.

Artist, painter and founder fo Diurne,

Marcel Zelmanovitch has devoted the last thirty years to creating textiles. The creative research focuses on the material’s features and his abstract compositions of colours, lines and volumes reflect this approach.

He has put his artistic skills into making and has talen the materials and traditionnal techniques of rug artisanship to create numerous collections and to regularly assists the wolrd’s greatest interior designers with their most impressive creations.


DIURNE’s Collections were borne from the paintaer Marcel Zelmanovitch’s desire to see his creations in another form using material and tibetan craftmanship. DIURNE’s collection are also a voyage thought the past exploring the trends that inspired the most beautiful classic and modern interiors:

DIURNE Traditional revisits classic textils tradition such Savonerie and another timeless style: Tibetan, Florentine, Art Deco ect…

DIURNE Contemporary has a range of collections which play with shapes, colours and textures in a modern and alegant style.

Project proposal to approval

Once the inital creative ideas have been set, the DIURNE Studio produces a “project Proposal”.

This file contains all the items necessary to visualise future rug designs : a sample of each colour used in the weave for the proposed rugs, mock-ups of each model in the chosen proportions and colours and associated matched features, illustration of the potential rugs by intalling them virtually in the spaces they have been designed for.

The project proposal will then be modified until your apporval of the eventuelly with.


DIURNE work hand in hand with customers from concept to completion, according to an interior, an inspiration or specifications submitted to it.

Thus, each model is constantly revisited, creating a unique piece, which will ideally live in the place for which it was designed. Each collection is a proposal, a concept that our designers adapt to our customers’ projects.