Contemporary Collection

The DIURNE collections were initially the desire of the painter Marcel Zelmanovitch to see his creations come to life in another form using fabric and tibetan craftmanship. The DIURNE collections are also a « voyage » thought the past, exploring the trends that inspired the most beautiful  interiors:

DIURNE Contemporary  offers a series of collections, playing on shapes, colors and textures in a modern and elegant style.


SouffleStudio Diurne

Souffle is a tribute to the painter J. M. W Turner, this collection from the Galrie diurne’s studio celebrates the intensity of the artist's latest creations. Seascapes or images of the modern world, the subjects celebrate movement and the play of light. Turner breaks the boundaries between the elements: the sea and the sky are one, mixed in a whirlwind of colors, a breath of life.

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EsquisseStudio Diurne

Esquisse is inspired by the painter's first gesture. A transitional stage between the concetto and the finished work, it reveals the spontaneity and technicality of the artist. The rugs from this collection pay tribute to pictorial art. Each piece offers a vibrant and renewed vision of the watercolor’s delicacy, the knife painting’s thickness and the deep imprint of the felt.

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AminimaStudio Diurne

This contemporary collection imagined by the studio Diurne is a tribute to simplicity: few colors, light lines, refined sceneries that honour fabrics and techniques. A minimalism that allows fabrics to be discovered in all their richness and subtlety. All in discretion, these rugs carry within them the refinement of the great craftsmanship to bring the essence of each piece.

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TiretStudio Diurne

According to pointillism, the light is interpreted in colored halos, in shimmering shades which illuminate the natural silks mingling with the wool. Solar or icy, saturated or discreet, each composition of the Tiret collection brings its radiance and diffuses its aura.

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SolStudio Diurne

Double meaning. In each rug of this collection, it is a small or large section (seen from an airplane or from a man’s height) of a « SOL » (ground), appearing to us like a musical note.

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Marbre D'Italie

Marbre D'ItalieStudio Diurne

Subtle geometries, glossy, and « trompe l'œil » fabrics that pay tribute to the floors of Venetian Renaissance churches, to the marquetry and marbling that sublimated the Florentine palaces of that time.

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BestiaireStudio Diurne

Like explorers, Bestiaire permeates our interiors with the mystical presence of a wild, sacred and majestic fauna: the colored tortoise shell, the vibrant skin of the snake, the bewitching fur of the wild animal.

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AbrachStudio Diurne

Abrach, where Impressionism is on the side of minimalism and architecture through 4 elements: water, earth, air and fire.

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Différents Ciels

Différents CielsStudio Diurne

On a principle of simple composition, made of squares and rectangles articulated around a vertical symmetry, Marcel Zelmanovitch has created several series. The series "Differents Ciels" plays on the confrontation of two tones close to each other. The gaze is thus led towards these small "differences" of colors, these details of the weaving which highlight the artisanal dimension of the object.

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Matière de rêve

Matière de rêveStudio Diurne

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GéométrieStudio Diurne

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ColoriageStudio Diurne

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Carreaux Tantriques

Carreaux TantriquesStudio Diurne

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Bordure Géométrique

Bordure GéométriqueStudio Diurne

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