Signature Series

Signature Series is part of the Galerie Diurne’s approach to the rug craftsmanship: to create, to be inspired by Decorative Arts, to bring artists to the rug field. Signature Series is conceived as a series of meetings between the rug editor and a designer. The different universes intertwine to propose new textile interpretations from a set of original pictorial works.


Cosmatiby Charles Zana

The Cosmati collection is a tribute to the Italian mosaic artists and their way of laying bright and precious tiles on a bed of matt, and rough cement. The series transposes these effects, silk for the precious and luminous and a matt wool for the "bed" that hosts them. In this way Charles Zana collaborates with Diurne to offer a certain quality of interpretation of an artist's desire, transposed into a unique know-how of rug craft.

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Landby Raphael Navot

Raphael Navot has been collecting satellite images from all over the world for many years, such as paintings. By selecting from these images a scale, a frame or a time slot, he underlines the singularity of a soil, of a place, unique by its texture, and its colors, reflection of its history and those of the people living there.

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Origine by Marie Bastide

In this collection inspired by primitive mythologies, Marie Bastide weaves links between nature and emotion. The colors are jubilant, the movement is everywhere and the light pierces between the shadows. We could qualify this collection as mystical, telluric, baroque.

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Trames Imaginaires

Trames Imaginairesby Luc Deflandre

The « frame » that constructs the space is at the center of Luc Deflandre's work. It is the choice of a universal, abstract reason, a base for colorful variations of vertical and horizontal lines that intersect, overlap and thus transform the perception of space.

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