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The natural world is on display at Galerie Diurne

The natural world is on display at Galerie Diurne, presenting its new show Bestiary, exceptional weavings paying homage to the coats of the inspiring and fascinating animals depicted. The authenticity and warmth of natural silky pelts are only rivalled by the new form they are given by the great Parisian rug editor, master in the art of traditional weaving. The wild cat has been tamed, but the rug reveals its feral spirit. In choosing this truly classic theme in

the decorative arts, Galerie Diurne demonstrates its passion for timeless interiors, whilst again establishing its virtuosity in cutting edge craftsmanship. From January 19th, Galerie Diurne unleashes the feral splendour of n° 50 rue Jacob.

Studio Diurne
The roots of Decorative Art lie in this collection

Wild and exotic creatures; from all ages; from the imaginary or the real world, adventures. Showing a glimpse of faraway

mysteries at times, captivating at all times, these creatures embody the beauty of the inaccessible. The framework of so many travellers’ dreams, they have forever been part of interior decoration, asserting their place with strength and character.

From bedcovers to tapestries, cave art to decorative art, wild beasts and their pelts have been with us from time immemorial.

Early twentieth century exoticism, Art Nouveau, ethnic inspiration – perceptions change but the fascination remains. In its quest for timeless decoration Galerie Diurne has reworked a great classic in this new exhibition.

The great difference here is that the raw pelts and silk. An ode to grandiose nature, the exhibited works are remarkable; witness the centrepiece of two majestic Tibetan tigers sharing a wool and silk Aubusson tapestry. Rendered in weaves of up to 350 000 knots per square metre (35 000 knots per square foot), the big cats purr contentedly and the tortoise lumbers in characteristic tranquillity. The rhythms and depths of handcrafted Tibetan rug techniques bring life and substance to the patterns reproduced here. From knot to yarn, the animals can take pride in their pelt. The hallmarks of this great fine art rug editor are a keen understanding of teh decorative arts and superb technique in textile craftsmanship.

The Studio Diurne, a knowledge driven by excellence

The creative studio of Galerie Diurne demonstrates all the finess of its experience, offering a variety of sophisticated aesthetic and technical interpretations. Their creations require a subtle mastery of a complex textile craft.

This expertise is exhibited in a profound knowledge of the decorative arts. Le Studio presents timeless works around archetypal themes. In this, it assuredly bears the stamp of its founder. Marcel Zelmanovitch is a walker. A confirmed itinerant, he is particularly fond of the kind of aesthetic roving accessible only to the pedestrian traveller. Travel and the natural world have always been at the forefront in his creations, driving the evocative names MZ gives to his collections: « Parrot », « Great Rivers », and «Kimono» to name but a few. The Studio unwinds these themes with him, step by step, sustaining a deep reflection on the place of the rug as an object, a work of visual art, an object of quintessential comfort.

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Photos Credit : Julien Auron