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A Californian dream, with Patrick Lainville’s sculptures
Cali collection honors California’s 70s in its assertive pursuit of independence of pleasure and freedom. The creations of Marcel Zelmanovitch are presented as a birth of the heterogeneous, textile creations where the background and the motifs meet to affirm each other. When they meet, the technique of mixing wool allows them to merge into one another. The visual result is surprising, incisive, precise. These carpets confront us with a game of the artist and his affirmation of freedom in his practice.
Marcel Zelmanovitch
The confrontation between raw emotion and lightness is reminiscent of the painting of Sam Francis
There is, by their intensity and form, something brutal and paradoxically soothing in the play of tones. The velvet of the back of the carpet, usually white, flatters the colors. The confrontation between raw emotion and lightness is reminiscent of the painting of Sam Francis, whose artist was inspired by his achievements.
The color is not only worked in its intensity, but also in its form and texture. The chosen forms give us a message, a visual interpretation of a distant memory, and their overlapping creates something almost oneiric. A weaving that gives a certain thickness to the carpet while allowing it to be neither too loose nor too rigid, simply flexible, almost alive.
A shimmering of light
Light is at the heart of all the textile creations of Galerie Diurne. Its very name is a tribute to daylight. Each dawn is a promise of renewal for the curious traveller and enthusiastic creator Marcel Zelmanovitch.
For him, it is not a question of controlling it but of giving it a field of expression through varying densities of hues, balance of patterns, choice of materials and weave. At times opulent like the undulations of waves, at others discrete like a faint murmur but on these rug paintings the light is never at rest. The light gives the colours their shimmer and caresses the textiles with its wandering touch.
A time to dream, to imagine, to paint, to weave, a time to create.

Each of MZ’s creations is unique. Designed to elevate and sublimate an interior they are infinitely more than bespoke suggestions. Should they be intended for a wall or a floor Studio MZ reinterprets format, pattern and colour to better embrace space, capture light and to highlight furniture.

Marcel Zelmanovitch, always a lover of fine craftsmanship, never misses a chance to promote fellow designers. His work is presented at the Diurne Gallery, with the sculptures of Patrick Lainville, sculptor and ironworker. The homogeneity of his work, the delicacy of the forms and the play on the texture of the iron, dialogue with the heterogeneity of the rug paintings, rewarding each other. This paralleling is experienced as the opposition of raw, antithetical forces, which strike provokes an explosion full of vital impetus and vigor.

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Photo credits : Franck Fokerman