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Shaped by Nature

The “Grands Fleuves” (“Great rivers”) by Marcel Zelmanovitch and Ibled’s waders.

Shaped by Nature is the theme of the exhibition at Galerie DIURNE. A free-flowing dialogue takes place between two artistic approaches, Marcel Zelmanovitch’s one and the one of the sculptor Daniel Ibled. They both find, in their own way, the object to sublimate in the beautiful material, freely shaped by elements.

As is often the case in Marcel Zelmanovitch’s collections, a peculiar effect, specific to handcrafted rugs, is emphasized and the dream arises from the exaltation of the woven materials, their texture, and their expressive strength.

Let the material express itself. It is the approach lying in the scluptor’s artwork. The glance loses itself among these two presences: one is the wood, “as such”, almost part of the tree and the other is this bird, refined and sophisticated, in an incredibly lively form. These birds consisted of pieces of woods seem to be shaped by nature in order to perfectly imitate the birds once assembled together: their appearance but also their gesture and choreography.

A new edition bringing to light the original idea behing the collection

Light is at the heart of all the textile creations of Galerie Diurne. Its very name is a tribute to daylight. Each dawn is a promise of renewal for the curious traveller and enthusiastic creator Marcel Zelmanovitch.

The hemp was the material chosen to weave the new edition of the Grand Fleuve rugs: a visual and tactile journey that evokes Africa, its telluric forces, the powers of its contrasts…

The hemp provides the range of designs with an intense and muted vibration: the water seams to run off, to bounce on these flawed, coarse and vigorous surfaces. It emphasizes the natural variations in colours of the rugs, those subtle differences between the hues of the same line. This effect is further enhanced by the particular finishing, here, the intense washing we implemented with our workshop. The weaving rhythm, very specific to the Tibetan knot, part of what inspired Marcel Zelamanovitch from the start of his artistic approach, reached its paroxysm here, playing on light, giving an infinity of special reflections to these surfaces, themselves giving life to the material…

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Photos credit : Franck Fokerman