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Les trames imaginaires

A signature collection by Luc Deflandre, in collaboration with Studio Diurne
Galerie Diurne showcases the new Signatures Collection, Imaginary Frames by Luc Deflandre, at the Diurne Workshop, at 50 rue Jacob in Paris. It is an opportunity to discover a selection of pieces woven in the most delicate qualities, presented in the broader framework of the artist, and  travel into his universe.
Kitty dares to use the nettle fiber
Egon (at the top) and Otto (at the bottom),  frames made of wool and silk with rich subtlety
Inspiration: dreaming of Viennese workshops

The Wiener Werkstätte is an artistic movement coming from the Arts and Crafts and the Art Nouveau. This movement was born in 1903 in Vienna and was considered as a turning point in the Art Deco. Its founders, Josef Hoffmann (architect), Koloman Moser (painter and designer) as well as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Otto Prutscher, all joined around the idea of a geometric ideal creation, the idea of a “total masterpiece”.

The Luc Deflandre’s rugs are named after the designers he admires so much because of their courage, their commitment and their freedom. The artistic cooperation was the beating heart of the Wiener Werkstätte, which keeps on breathing and living by the Galerie Diurne’s workshop.

“The workshop is the place I am the happiest!”

says Luc Deflandre “since it is the place where you share know-hows, experimentations, discoveries”.

“I like the idea that architects, artists and designers are pulled together by a common desire to create through these workshops, to cooperate with craftsmen from all kind of artistic know-how and to offer a vision where art and decoration are closely tied together”.

“I call out friends (the Wiener Werkstätte designers)… I remember their creativity: objects, furniture, textiles, the finest sophistication, the gold, the geometrical precision of their lines. I’m excited about the human dimension of this project, blending creativities from all kind and having them cooperated in a single and total work of art. I feel absolutely enthusiastic!”

“Josef Hoffmann’s thoroughness and Dagobert Perche’s fancy are calling me. I forget everything! And I’m driven by imaginary frames!”

Luc Deflandre

Luc Deflandre
Koloman creates a multi-level story thanks to silver-grey chinés that overlap and are placed on a light contrasting background.

Some rugs convey the idea of a Japanese or Chinese paint papercut. The Art coming from Far East is also a reference for Viennese workshops. Iced brown, glycine, olive green, cream color, grey blue, midnight blue… Colors are beyond subtlety. Weaving offers inimitable impressions of depth. The precision and the sensitivity of the graphical lines are pristine: this is what we call the craftsmanship miracle!

The Signatures rugs are suggestions that the Galerie Diurne and Luc Deflandre can adapt to a unique universe to fit in a décor and tell a different story. Let’s see where those imaginary frames will take us…

Travelling into an artist’s universe…

The frame, the structural line that builds the space, is Luc Deflandre’s central inspiration. He chose this abstract and universal pattern to develop a variety of color versions, of vertical and horizontal lines that cross and overlap each other, that thicken and transform, and eventually end-up changing the space and its volume. Luc Deflandre reinterprets this language exploring different crafted know-how: board wallpapers, hand-painted floor tiles that will be showcased during the exhibition. The “Imaginary Frames” rugs were made using multiple techniques and materials.

Each rug has its own and personal rhythm, density and emotion.

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Photos Credit : Franck Fokerman