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editor & rug designer

A collection of artist’s rugs : Artistic expression turns into unique pieces,
Classic and contemporary collections, designed by the Studio Diurne : custom creations according to your project and the design that suits you.

A creative studio...

For each project of custom rug, relying on graphic tracks, the creative studio designs an unique pattern fitting with each space. Team members find inspiration in their own culture and creativity and also in our stimulating collaboration with the best interior designers. The Studio imagines contemporary and classic collections, using and revisiting the knowledge and the experience of traditional craft.

Classic and Contemporary Collections
by Raphael Navot
Look at the Exhbition
LAND<br>by Raphael Navot


Galerie Diurne presents Marcel Zelmanovitch's collections , the founder of the gallery, as well as showcasing individual designs created by artists for their own Signature Collections. In addition, for the last 35 years the gallery’s own studio continues to produce both classic and contemporary designs, as well as original ideas from their partners.

Designing rugs of excellence requires the mastery of great craftsmanship and is the result of high-quality materials produced by hand. As in the workshops of the Italian Renaissance, a myriad of artisans still support each artist in the choice of appropriate dyes and materials' selection, later enhanced by the agility of our weavers and the precision of our carvers. This is the mastery that Galerie Diurne puts at the disposal of artists to help their vision become a reality.

For Galerie Diurne, its "raison d’être" is to evolve and develop its expertise in its specific world of art; and to have the knowledge to understand an interior design project in order to integrate an unique work of art, and potentially enhance ideas, drawings or pieces of artistic research into creating a living space. Galerie Diurne draws on its culture to produce a vision of well-being, colour, distinction, and refinement in a way that does not detract from the artist’s original concept. To offer a way of seeing, appreciating and understanding beauty through technique.


Diurne presents the work of Marcel Zelmanovitch at 45 Rue Jacob, while 50 Rue Jacob is dedicated to the Studio's work, emphasizing its expressive skills and high knowledge and mastery about rug crafting


Discover our rugs, by some of the most renowned interior designers. For 40 years, architects and designers relied on our experience and know-how to produce outstanding fine works among their most prestigious projects.


“True masterpieces of savoir-faire” IDEAT ; “Timeless elegance of inherited know-how” AD ; "Link between fields of Art and Decoration..." ; "French leader of hand-knotted rug" Maison Française