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Différents Ciels 21 54

Ref: S0187-5153
Size: 203 cm x 325 cm
Quality: Belgaum 80 000 kn/m² Wool 50 % Tibet, 50 % New Zealand, hand-spun, Tibetan knot, clipping and carving by hand
Materials: Laine 100%
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This model can be adapted to size, shape, colour, material or texture.
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Collection Différents Ciels

On a principle of simple composition, made of squares and rectangles articulated around a vertical symmetry, Marcel Zelmanovitch has created several series. The series "Differents Ciels" plays on the confrontation of two tones close to each other. The gaze is thus led towards these small "differences" of colors, these details of the weaving which highlight the artisanal dimension of the object.

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