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The “Bel Ouvrage”…

Each rug is a unique piece of work embodying the ideal of the so called “Bel Ouvrage”. An outstanding luxury resulting from this singularity, the material, and above all, the involvement of an artisan and his deep willingness to achieve a great object.


Wool, silk, linen, hemp… The material used to make DIURNE rugs are noble, natural and handmade. Manual spinning preserves the fibres’ length. It is not sectioned during the processes on yarns that are spun mechanically. The longer the fiber, the more durable the rug.


This is the most traditional technique and the haut-couture of handmade rugs. This technique reflects the artisan approach which we hold dear and produces precious items for the future. The most exeperienced weavers go the extra mile and imbue the rug with their art: a mastered and subtle irregularity which characterises hand-knotting…

Finishings: attention to detail

Thanks to its experience, Galerie Diurne has a perfect mastery of craftsmanship. This know-how ensures adequate finishings/completions to give the intended effect to the rug. The height of the pile, the intensity of washing, the choice for carved designs… All these details are essential to magnify such a collective work.